Beauty Tips and Secrets from Mila Kunis

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When it comes to beautiful skin, makeup, and hair, Mila Kunis leads the pack in the Hollywood celebrity circle. Even at 35 years old, Mila still looks like the young Jackie Burkhart we all came to know and love on That ’70s Show.

Mila’s dark features, bright smile, and luscious locks are enviable. With a few simple tips and tricks from the expert herself, you can improve the health of your skin and hair, and your makeup skills, too.

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Mila Kunis Skin Care Secrets

Mila Kunis has been very vocal about her “less is more” skin care beauty regimen over the years. One of her primary tips for keeping her skin flawless and bright is making sure she washes her face before bed. Mila knows the importance of keeping those pores clean, and not letting dirt and makeup sink in overnight.

A gentle face wash before bed and first thing in the morning will brighten your skin’s overall look and help hydrate and nourish your face for the world.

She also stresses the importance of changing your pillowcases often. When we sleep, sweat, grime, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other buildup transfers onto our pillowcases. Some of the things that live inside the fabric of our pillowcases also transfer onto us, including dust mites and residue from fabric softener.

This buildup can cause acne breakouts and a dull appearance of the skin. If you suffer from allergies associated with laundry detergent or other fabrics, consider investing in silk pillowcases which are hypoallergenic, easier on the skin, and don’t mess up your hair as badly as other fabrics.

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A good body wash in your morning shower will help wash away the previous day’s grime and dirt and give your skin long-lasting hydration. Consider a body wash that is specially formulated to help lock in moisture while protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier. A specially-formulated dry skin soap is a great option for helping stubborn dry patches heal and making your skin feel and look more healthy. 

Mila is naturally olive-skinned, but you can achieve her golden tan with some light spray tanning, tanning lotion, or bronzer. Don’t head out to the beach without sunscreen, or the sun may damage your skin instead of tanning it. Be smart, and apply the proper SPF for your skin type. Sun damage can cause freckles, premature wrinkles, and skin cancer, and you won’t achieve Mila Kunis’ healthy olive glow.

Some other ways that Mila helps to keep her skin radiant is through her diet. She takes in plenty of protein and foods high in omega 3, which has been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and inflammation.

Mila Kunis Makeup Secrets

When it comes to the “smoky eye,” Mila Kunis has it down pat. Her eyes are arguably her most striking feature, and she knows how to enhance them just right without going too dark. 

Usually, Mila wears mascara and skips the eye shadow when she’s out in her day-to-day life. Her features are so dark that eyeliner, eye shadow, and too much mascara can give her a raccoon-eyed appearance. Instead, she opts for a shimmery bronze eye shadow, completing the look with a simple layer of black liner and mascara.

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When it comes to the smoky eye, Mila usually opts for a gray shade, which makes the different colors of her eyes pop. Her left eye is much more brown, while her right eye is more of a hazel-green. The neutral shading of grays matches and enhances the colors of both eyes, and goes well with almost any outfit she wears.

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If you’re going for the smoky eye look, make sure to use neutral colors and layer them lightly. Blend them evenly to enhance the upper and outer edge of your eyes. If you go too dark, you can end up looking like you’re ready for Halloween instead of a Hollywood premier, so make sure that you’re finding the right balance for your skin tone, brows, facial features, and eye color.

Mila’s makeup looks are very simple compared to many other women in Hollywood. While she makes sure that her eyes really pop for her red carpet appearances, she keeps the rest of her makeup regimen very plain. Mila Kunis do not like full-coverage face, so instead of regular foundation you can use bb cream. She opts for pale or nude lipstick or lip balm, especially Christian Dior lip balm. There’s usually a shimmer, but she does not draw a lot of attention to her lips with dark liner or shades.

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Enhancing your eyes can sometimes be the most beautiful makeup regimen you can do for yourself. You don’t have to get caught up in the contouring craze; instead, enhance your eyes and let them create some mystery for the world.

Mila Hair Styling Secrets

Mila’s hair is probably second only to her eyes. Her dark, luscious locks always seem to be styled with a shine and ease that seems more complicated to achieve than it is.

Mila allows her hair to air dry, only heat-styling for the red carpet. For those appearances, a blow-dry with a large round brush and a finish with a curling iron helps add volume and layers of curls. A shine-enhancer cream can recreate the finish the cameras capture on the red carpet so beautifully.

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When she’s not on the red carpet, Mila is usually seen with her hair straight and sleek. Her hair is always full and healthy, with plenty of layers to add texture and volume.

If your hair is suffering from dullness, or seems to break easily, hair vitamins can help strengthen your hair, prevent breakage, and enhance your shine. Vitamins and minerals, including zinc, protein, iron, and Vitamins A-E all build the vital proteins in your hair that will thicken and magnify your hair’s colors and shine.

Lay off of the heat styling whenever possible to prevent long-term damage to your locks, and try to avoid cheap hair dyes or bleaches. Avoiding these damaging habits will also help increase your hair’s health so you’ll be red-carpet ready at any time.

Final thoughts

Mila Kunis is a trend-setter in makeup, style, fashion, and skin care. It doesn’t take much to learn and use Mila’s beauty secrets, especially since for Mila, less is so much more.

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While it may be tempting to clump on the makeup, over-tan at the beach, and skip the skincare regime, if you want to achieve Mila’s look, it really doesn’t take much work at all. With these simple secrets from Mila, you can have that Hollywood look in no time.

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