10 Concealers for Mature Skin That Cover Skin Imperfections and Wrinkles

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Concealers can make or break a look and is a crucial step in your makeup routine. Long night out? No problem, throw some concealer under your eyes to get rid of those bags. Worried about a blemish? Not a problem blends it with some concealer over your favorite foundation, and the flaw is instantly gone. Everyone who wears makeup will want a concealer at some point, and it can be for so many reasons. They are all made differently with unique formulas, and some are better aimed for specific individuals. If you have mature skin, your foundation and concealer will not be the same as a 15-year-old girl would have. You will want to pick something that is directly aimed for mature skin.

Having mature skin does not mean your skin is damaged or in bad shape, it happens naturally as we age. It is a part of life, luckily many of the brands we use every day are aware that not all age groups will need the same formulas. As we age, our skin becomes more fragile because we lose flexibility and elasticity. This is when wrinkles start to appear, and our skin tone becomes a little more uneven. To help with the unevenness that comes with mature skin, you can adopt a concealer in your routine.

It is crucial to read what the product can offer because some products will not work for mature skin. To make your life a lot easier for you, we have compiled a list of what includes the best concealer for mature skin. You will want to pay attention to the ingredients, the claims, and even the packaging. You will want to find one that is meant for your skin type, every formula is different, and you will have to experiment a little to find one that works best for you.

Our Favorite Ten Concealers for Mature Skin

These are some of our favorite choices for under eye concealer for over 50. No matter what age you are, you will have different shades of skin, and different needs. We wanted to give you as many options as possible, all exceptionally well formulated. Take a look below to see if you think one would work with your makeup.

1. Dermablend QuickFix

Dermablend QuickFix

Not a liquid concealer but a stick of incredibly full coverage concealer. One of the best you can find for mature skin. This brand carried 9 shades of concealer suitable for anyone looking for undereye makeup or something to hide blemishes. It is dermatologist tested and approved, it will in no way harm your skin or dry it out. This formula is fragrance-free and will not leave a funny smell on your skin. It is allergy tested and proved to be hypoallergenic. It is suitable for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone with mature skin that needs to be careful. You can sue this by gliding the stick over an area and blending it with your fingers or a beauty blender. It will leave a flawless, soft, and vibrant looking face.

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2. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra

This amazing formula will give your skin a totally flawless look and hide any unevenness. It will not crease over the day but will bend and move with your face throughout the day. This formula provides medium to full coverage over the areas you need. It will sit on top of your formula well. The best thing is if you don’t feel like using a formula, you can use the concealer on its own. It has a blurring effect that other concealers do not possess. This concealer is so lightweight you will not notice when you are wearing it all day long, and it is easy to wash off every night.

3. Lancome Effacernes

Lancome Effacernes

A naturally lightweight under eye concealer for over 50 makes a perfect addition to your makeup routine. The formula is long-lasting and waterproof, making it one of the best concealers for mature skin. It will easily cover the look of stress and tired eyes or any sign of uneven skin tone. It will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, shrink pores, and cover any dark circles you might have. This has a naturally matte finish making it perfect for a classic go-to look.

4. Tarte Shape Tape

Tarte Shape Tape

The package is beautifully designed with purple and gold tones. It will help vamp up the look of your vanity. On top of that, the actual formula is phenomenal and will work wonders on mature skin. If you need a vegan product, this should be your go-to choice. It blends well with other foundations, sits on your skin beautifully and evenly. You can blend this out to appear softer and natural. It helps your skin look lifted, making it a perfect vegan concealer for aging skin. It is said to help retain the skin’s elasticity and help prevent degeneration.

5. Benefit Boi-ing

Benefit Boi-ing

A concealer that comes with 0.17 fluid ounces of liquid, this may not seem like much. However, since you only need a few dabs of color where you need concealing, it will last a long time. It is totally cakeless, meaning it will not clump or dry odd with other foundations you have on. It is full coverage and will hide any imperfections you want to get rid of. This product is perfect if you have discoloration, dark circles, blemishes, or wrinkles you might want to hide. The texture is on the thinner side, so it won’t clump at all.

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6. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away

This concealer is the definition of magical! It comes with an applicator at the top to help you blend out the concealer. It is thinner in texture but can indeed cover anything you want to disappear. It can cover anything from a bright red pimple to dark purple eyes, there is truly nothing it can’t do. Since the formula is thinner, it can blend well with other formulas. The texture is light, creamy, and this formula is rich in pigment.

7. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

At the tip of this concealer is a foamy sponge where the product comes out. Using this, the applicator provides an easy way to put the concealer on your face. This is a fantastic concealer for aging skin because it really helps correct your skin’s appearance. If you have fine wrinkles, large pores, red blemishes, and dark circles, this should be a product you adopt in your routine. The best thing about this brand is that you can find it in almost any beauty store, and it is budget-friendly. Maybelline carried 18 different shades, so no matter what skin tone you have, you will be able to find something suitable. The best feature about this product is you can use it as a concealer or a highlighter!

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8. Bye Bye Undereye

Bye Bye Undereye

This is a full coverage concealer that works for many different skin tones. This brand only carries a few options for shade range, so it may not work for everyone. It is excellent for people who live in high heat and humidity areas because it is waterproof and humidity-resistant. This concealer is cruelty-free, which we greatly admire. It is highly pigmented, rich in color, and provides full coverage to the user. It will last all day with no creases or cracks wherever you applied it and can be used to lock in a look. This formula is full of antioxidants that will nourish your skin and rich with minerals that will help your skin look and feel younger.

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9. Neutrogena Healthy Skin

Neutrogena Healthy Skin

This brand carries 18 different shades, all lightweight and full of vitamins. Each tube contains a fantastic amount of cream concealer meant for covering up any impurities. It is infused with vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, all of which help nourish your skin. It has medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage if you need it. This concealer can cover your face without it feeling cakey, dry, or looking cracky. It will feel soft, well-nourished, and you will have a radiant glow around your face after one small dab. This will not clog your pores, and it is easy to rinse off when you are done with your day.

10. YSL Touche Concealer

YSL Touche Concealer

People worldwide love YSL, and many makeup artists have adopted this concealer to use on their clients. There is a wide variety of shades to choose from, each rich with antioxidants. It comes in the form of a cream concealer that almost looks like a pencil; only it is a brush tip! This kind of tip is made with fine hairs that act as a paintbrush. It is filled with vitamin E and Ruscus extract, both of which help reduce fine lines’ appearance and illuminate your complexion to the fullest. It is a brightening liquid concealer that will not leave your skin looking greasy or wet.

You can walk into most stores and find samples to test out. This can be one of the best ways to determine if a concealer for aging skin will work with the rest of your makeup. You can simply test it by putting it on over your foundation to see how it interacts and combines with each other. If it is flaky, cakey, or streaky, you may want to choose a different brand.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

What is the best concealer for older skin?

We love Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away because it can be found at most beauty stores. It does a fantastic job covering imperfections. It is by far one of the best under eye concealers for aging skin. It is thick enough to cover all defects, but light enough, you won’t feel it on your face all day. It will last multiple hours with no need for a touch-up, but when you’re ready to take it off, it comes off almost instantly.

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If you are looking for something that will not harm your skin and is hypoallergenic, we recommend using Dermablend QuickFix. It is proven to be made for sensitive skin and will not cause any further damage to your skin. It can blend well with other makeup like foundations, blush, and setting spray. It will not feel cakey or heavy, making it a perfect option for super sensitive mature skin.

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How do you apply concealer on older skin?

There are many ways to apply concealer on your skin, it all depends on what you need to be covered. Once you apply a concealer a few times, you will understand what you need to do to cover your blemishes. Your best bet is to use a wet sponge or beauty blender to dab in the concealer. Here are a few other tricks to keep in mind.

Under Eye

Chances are if you’re using a concealer, you will want it under your eyes. This is totally normal. One of the best ways to apply it is either in small streaks under your eyes that can blend out easily, or in a downward triangle shape that stops below your nose.


You will take your finger or one small brush and take a bit of concealer on the tip. Then you will gently nudge the concealer on the blemished area. You will not want to move it around too much, but gently build it on top of the blemish to become hidden.


Depending on how red it is, you will need light coverage that can easily be blended in with a brush. You can apply it directly to the areas and blend it out to become even with your skin.

There are so many ways to use a concealer you will have to experiment to see which works best for you. Remember to always do a primer, then foundation, and last is a concealer. Primer preps your skin, while a foundation is a base. Foundation may not conceal anything, and that is when you add it in to really enhance your look.

Final Thoughts

At some point, if you do makeup, you will use a concealer. It can create an excellent airbrushed look that lasts all day long. There is no doubt that this can be an essential step to your makeup routine and is worth trying if you have never done it. You can walk into almost any store, look at any brand, and find a concealer. Be sure to read exactly what it does and what it promises. Not all concealers are made the same way.

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