10 Really Pigmented Cream Eyeshadows That Last All Day

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Finding a good eyeshadow that lasts all day and is pigmented is harder than you would believe. A good trick you can do is use a primer on your eyes to help eyeshadows last all day and give it some extra color. Some people wet their brushes before applying shadow to give it an extra pop. However, some brands are incredibly pigmented and meant to last all day, you just have to find them. We have come up with an incredible list of the best cream eye shadows for you to go through.

Cream eyeshadows are some of the best to use because they are easy to blend, they hold on the brush well, and most of them are made with ingredients meant to last for a long time. Dry powders tend to be less pigmented, and you need a reliable primer to make it last all day. Typically, cream shadows last all day on their own, but a primer helps it blend out extra well.

Here is a list of the top ten best cream shadows we would recommend using. You can get them easily and very conveniently. The important thing will be to find one that is not sticky, but very silky, and one that says long-lasting or some variation of that. There are so many colors, formulas, and options to choose from. We have narrowed it down to ten for you to browse through. These are our top ten recommendations for the best eyeshadow cream.

10 Best Cream Eyeshadows

Here is the list of some of the best eyeshadows we could find. There are so many benefits to using long-lasting, cream eyeshadows.

Some of these are waterproof and will not come off without a few swipes of makeup remover.

If you choose one of those options, it is best to find a makeup remover that will work for your skin type.

1. Stilla Suede Shade

Stilla Suede Shade

Stilla has always been one of the best names in the game, and the best thing about this brand is you can find it easily in your local stores. This liquid eyeshadow comes with a stick pre-attached in the tube, making it easy to glide on the go.

This is a matte liquid shade, which makes it easy to blend and add sparkles if you feel like it. It will not shine or look greasy; it comes in 8 different shades to choose from all over the same formula and coverage.

The best feature about this shadow is that no primer is necessary to have it last all day or be pigmented. The formula used to make this shadow is already richly colored and pigmented, making it perfect for any time of day.

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2. Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Color

Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Color

Now, this is a bright and sparkly brown shade. That leaves your eyes popping. It is creamy, and not super grainy, but still incredibly sparkly.

It comes with two pieces, the top is a powder, and the bottom is a cream.

Expert Advice: Add the cream on your eyes first and layer it with the sparkly powder. It helps create a magnificent look that will hold anyone captivated. This is one of our top recommendations if you are looking to create a stunning yet simple look.

This product is made in France but can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

3. Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

This is a beautiful color that is richly pigmented. It comes in a pink shade with silver flakes in it.

Though it is very sparkly and pigmented, this eyeshadow is very smooth when applying. It has a satin finish and added with a primer; the look will stay all day.

The best thing about this eyeshadow is that it comes with its own brush that is designed to help the application of this product.

The brush is rounded and can be dampened by setting spray or water for the best application possible. This is definitely worth the investment.

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4. Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick

Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick

This brand provides so many different colors. Still, our choice for best cream eyeshadow is their chocolate diamond.

It is dark, rich, and incredibly pigmented. This is best if you want to make your eyes pop with vibrancy. It can help cover your lids and sculpt them to give them definition. You can blend this with most other colors and brands of eyeshadow.

The best feature about this product is that its formula is created to be long-lasting, you can easily wear this for a day at work headed into a long night. It is entirely smudge-proof and will not wear off until you want it off by washing it.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise

This comes in a beautifully vibrant dark chocolate shade with flecks of gold. It looks beautiful with any eye color.

It glides on easily because it is smooth and non grainy. For the perfect application, wet a rounded brush with setting spray and dab it on.

There should be no streaks with this well-made product.

Expert Advice: You can apply this color to your lower lash waterline for a super dramatic look. It will make your eyes pop and shine, perfect for your selfie-game.

6. Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream

Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream

Not only does this come in a thick beautiful case that feels heavy-duty, but this eyeshadow is also outright gorgeous.

The best feature about this eyeshadow is that it is entirely waterproof. So, if you’re planning on watching sad movies and know you will cry, well, this eyeshadow has your back.

It comes in a beautiful blush shade that can also be applied as blush. It is made to be a lightweight formula that sits easily on the skin all day long.

You will never feel like you have greasy eyes when using this product, and it should not feel sticky or tacky.

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7. Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow

On the first swipe, it might not hold as much glitter as you would like, but the best thing about this eyeshadow is that it is easily buildable.

This brand has 9 different shades in this line, you will be able to find the perfect color for whatever mood you are in. You can take one or two and blend them together to create a whole new look.

This product is vegan and contains no fragrance, it is perfect for sensitive skin. Hourglass is known for making luxury cosmetics that allow someone to play and have fun yet look sophisticated at the end.

8. BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Cream Eyeshadow

BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Cream Eyeshadow

This comes as a stick of eyeshadow and will not only fully cover your eyes in a beautiful shade of color, but it will also protect them!

It is created with SPF 15 in each stick. Each tube comes with a brush already on the inside that makes it glide on to your lids easily.

The best part about having a brush inside the tube is that it holds color very easily.

Expert Advice: For best results, prime your eyes with your favorite primer. This formula is crease-resistant and can be worn for hours at a time without the need to reapply.

9. Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga: Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow

Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga: Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow

A beautifully shaped tube that is sleek and the definition of sexy. Not only is the bottle made well, and the packaging outstanding, the color is phenomenal.

This brand carries 9 shimmer shades and 4 metallic shades. Each was constructed to be long-lasting and entirely blendable. This brand is vegan and cruelty-free.

The best feature is that this is a liquid eyeshadow, so it slides on smoothly without any fallout. This form of eyeshadow will dry quickly and last all day. There will be no waste, no mess, and it won’t feel tacky.

10. 3INA Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

3INA Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

This brand promises cruelty-free and vegan makeup, but they also promise colors with the utmost vibrancy. Our favorite shade in this brand is the vibrant yellow perfect for a golden sunny look, or maybe a disco-themed party.

There are 8 different shadows to choose from all created to last a long night. You can mix and mash colors on one eye to create the perfect look. This formula is made to stay on all night, with no cracks, smears, or smudges by the end. The only time it will come off is when you take it off.

One of the best features of this brand is that it is totally waterproof.

Through extensive research, browsing through recommendations, and testing out products, we have come up with this list of the best cream eyeshadows. We highly recommend all of them, any of these will help you build a perfect look that will last from day to night.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Are cream eyeshadows better than powder? 

Cream eyeshadows are not better than powdered eyeshadows, but they are different. Cream eyeshadows last much longer and are usually formulated to be long-lasting and slightly more pigmented. However, powdered shadows are great for building looks. You can use powdered eyeshadows to create natural looks or bold looks with the same palate, you can get the most pigment by wetting your brush before applying.

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One is not better than the other, but both cater to different people with different needs. A cream eyeshadow will be a little less messy, but a powdered eyeshadow will be messier. Powdered eyeshadows are very easy to blend, and you can create ombre eyes rather easily. Whatever you are going for, make sure to do your research.

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Is cream eyeshadow better for mature skin? 

Powdered eyeshadows tend to stick, but it shows creases and lines. Cream eyeshadow hides the wrinkles and creates a fine smooth surface to look at. For this reason alone, cream eyeshadow can be one of the best choices for mature skin, or heavy eyelids. Choose a brightening color that will help distract from any lines.

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What do you use to apply cream eyeshadow? 

Most of the options on our list come with a tube and brush inside of it already. However, if you want a different brush or it comes in a pot, there are a few types of brushes to choose from for the right look. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of types of brushes to choose from, but you only need a few for the perfect look.

The Brushes We Recommend

Scott Barnes Pro Series Brush
Scott Barnes Pro Series Brush

This is amazing for smudging lines and the bottom of your lids; this will help create a perfect cat eye or winged look. Amazing for a smokey eye. Use a dark cream eyeshadow like a chocolate diamond from Mally Beauty.

Revlon All Over Brush
Revlon All Over Brush

This has a rounded tip that is perfect for all-over coverage. The best feature of this brush is that it is antibacterial. It will also help put on the best cream eyeshadows.

Wet n Wild Pro Brush
Wet n Wild Pro Brush

This is a small tipped, dome brush, perfect for under the arch of your eyebrow. This is a good highlighting brush that will help create the perfect line of high light. It is 100% vegan.

Expert Advice: Most of the time, a brush is great if you’re building your eye look. However, if you are in the mood for one color or in a rush, you can use your fingertips to dab it on lightly. If your shadow doesn’t come with a brush already, these are some of the best eyeshadow brushes you could choose.


There is nothing better than getting a new bag of makeup and testing out new looks with your selection. These are some of the best cream eyeshadows you should most certainly try for your next party or big event.

Having a bold eye look will create stunning photos and capture everyone’s attention. If you’re not looking for bold but want a classy and natural look, we highly recommend Stilla matte shades, they provide full coverage but in a very natural way. Each of these shadows is formulated to last all day, show now creasing, and have no flakiness.

Going for cream eyeshadows can be a life-changer!

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