Best Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

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Everybody sweats!

However, nobody wants to feel unconfident due to wet marks or a noticeable body order. That’s why we turn to deodorant and antiperspirants to help us feel our best every single day, rain or shine, freezing or scorching temperatures.

Sadly, though, not all skin is created equal. As a result, some people experience negative reactions to deodorant and aren’t able to enjoy all of the benefits.

Some deodorants are full of ingredients – aluminum, baking soda, alcohol, artificial fragrances – that just don’t match well with your skin. But, more often than not, many people push through with the pain just to feel a little better sweat wise.

That’s why we’ve created this list. We want you to feel your best without falling victim to any insufferable rashes or irritations.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to see our top picks for the best deodorants for sensitive skin and enjoy both worlds of being odor-free and rash-free.

Top 15 Best Deodorants for Sensitive Skin:

1. DERMAdoctor Total Nonscents Ultra-Gentle Antiperspirant

DERMAdoctor Total Nonscents Ultra-Gentle Antiperspirant

Dark underarms usually aren’t a sign of anything serious, and, for the most part, they come about naturally. However, if you’re insecure about them, you may find yourself giving up things such as tank tops and group yoga.

The DERMAdoctor Total Nonscents antiperspirant is designed to brighten your underarms while you wear it. Not only that, but it also helps correct and even skin complexion.

The water-based formula is gentle and designed with sensitive skin in mind. It’s even gentle enough to apply directly after shaving.

It’s quick-drying, so you can have odorless and less sweat in a short amount of time – without having to worry about it discoloring your favorite shirt.

Again, the active ingredient is aluminum, so keep an eye out if that’s an ingredient you’re avoiding.

2. Erbaviva Organic Deodorant

Erbaviva Organic Deodorant

With a burst of essential oils derived from jasmine and grapefruit, this sensitive skin deodorant does more than just fight sweat-related stink.

First, essential oils are natural antibacterials. This means that they’ll work to kill the bacteria that cause the smell you associate with your sweat.

They also provide a mild, refreshing scent. This deodorant is free of aluminum and chemicals, helping it to be gentle on your skin.

In order to apply it, spray each of your underarms with 2-3 spritz.

Note that this product does have alcohol in it. This means that, if you’re suffering from irritation from your current deodorant, you may want to detox before switching to this product.

Otherwise, you may experience a slight burning sensation.

3. Vichy 24-Hour Dry Deodorant

Vichy 24-Hour Dry Deodorant

This aluminum salts free & alcohol-free roll-on deodorant minimizes odors linked to perspiration without irritating sensitive skin. It’s designed to provide up to 24-hour protection during low to moderate activity.

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The Vichy deodorant utilizes a unique ingredient: Perlite. This ultra-absorbent mineral works hard to fight against odor and sweating.

It’s suitable for all skin types, everything from oily to combination to acne-prone. It’s been tested by dermatologists to be a safe sensitive skin deodorant.

If you plan on doing vigorous activities or you live somewhere with higher levels of humidity and higher temperatures, you may want to reapply throughout the day. This is the best way to fight body odor throughout the day.

4. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant and Antiperspirant

This sensitive skin deodorant is designed with non-toxic ingredients to help protect your skin as well as possible. The scent is pleasant but mild, helping you smell fresh without being overpowering.

It’s a bit on the pricier side, but it’s also designed to last longer. In fact, it has the ability to last up to several months when used moderately.

You only need to apply it once a day, even with moderate activity. Plus, even though it’s unisex, so everyone can enjoy it.

It’s important to note that while this product is designed to be gentler on your skin while not giving up power, it’s not aluminum-free. If you’re seeking an aluminum-free deodorant and antiperspirant, you’ll want to pass on this one.

5. Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant

Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant

This vegan deodorant is aluminum and alcohol-free to be gentle on the skin but full of natural deodorizers to be tough on sweat.

It’s a hypoallergenic cream-to-powder style deodorant stick that leaves no marks or wetness in its wake. It provides all-day odor defense thanks to its natural plant starches.

As an added bonus, this sensitive skin deodorant includes aloe on its ingredient list. This helps soothe and condition your skin to prevent inflammation and irritations.

There is a mild scent that is similar to baby powder. It leaves a fresh, clean smell without being overpowering, which is great for people who aren’t interested in extremely noticeable scents.

If you’re planning on working out or going somewhere with higher temperatures, you may want to stick this stick into your bag. Depending on your activity level and climate, reapplications may be beneficial to maintaining that clean and fresh scent and feel.

6. Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel Antiperspirant and Deodorant

This Almay antiperspirant and deodorant utilizes a quick-drying gel formula that goes easily without leaving residue or streaks. It’s designed to be gentle and safe enough for your sensitive skin without sacrificing any of the sweat and odor-fighting power.

It’s fragrance-free, but it’s not free of aluminum. As a result, you’ll need to be careful if that’s an ingredient you’re prone to react to.

It’s been tested by dermatologists to be hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s available as a six-pack, allowing you to buy in bulk and stock up.

Expert Advice: Designed for sensitive skin or not, a deodorant works best on dry skin. While it may be tempting to apply directly after your shower, it’s important to allow your skin a few minutes to dry before applying your deodorant.

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7. Aesop Deodorant

Aesop Deodorant

The Aesop deodorant is free of aluminum. While it’s a bit pricier, it’s designed to last longer, with one bottle possibly lasting up to several months.

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It has a clean, fresh scent that isn’t overwhelming.

If you tend to sweat a lot, or plan on working out or visiting a warmer climate, you may want to use this as an additional rather than primary deodorant. It smells nice and absorbs quickly, but it also fades quickly under heavy sweating.

Expert Advice: To get the most out of your deodorant, you should aim to wear the right clothing. Wearing breathable clothing that isn’t restrictive and maximizes airflow is the best way to prevent sweating. And while deodorants can help cure the yucky feeling and smell, prevention is always the best cure.

8. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Deodorant Stick

Yves Saint Laurent L'homme Deodorant Stick

Designed by the popular brand Yves Saint Laurent, this deodorant stick, designed with men in mind, is great for sensitive skin. It has a unique blend of expensive smelling fragrances that work to make you smell as good as you feel without the harsh rashes and inflammation.

It also is free of aluminum!

It’s important to note, however, that this is not an antiperspirant. This means that it will help prevent your sweat from having that tell-tale musky odor, but it won’t stop you from sweating.

If you think you’re going to be sweating excessively, you may want to consider pairing this with a strong durable antiperspirant.

It’s a bit pricier than some other options, but it makes up for that price tag with quality ingredients and a formula designed to last.

9. Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Aluminum unnaturally clogs your skin to prevent sweating. Over time, this can harm your skin.

The Kopari deodorant is designed without aluminum for healthier, happier skin. While you will still sweat – since it isn’t an antiperspirant – it won’t smell as bad.

That’s because this deodorant utilizes a unique blend of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil to condition and soothe your sensitive underarms while making you smell better. It’s 100% plant-based and works with your body to deodorize rather.

Since you’re looking for a deodorant for sensitive armpits, here’s something important to remember.

Due to the highly moisturizing ingredients, you may experience a small rash. This should fade quickly, however.

If it doesn’t, then you’ll want to discontinue use.

10. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

The Schmidt’s deodorant is formulated specifically for those looking for natural protection that is especially gentle on the skin. It has a smooth, creamy consistency that spreads easily and soothes your skin.

When you start looking for natural, aluminum-free deodorant alternatives, you’ll often that the leading ingredient is baking soda. While baking soda is a great deodorizer, it’s not great for sensitive skin, and it can leave a burning sensation.

This deodorant utilizes natural magnesium and essential oils instead of baking soda. As a result, this product is gentler, making it a good sensitive skin deodorant.

The essential oils used aren’t just picked for their great scent, however. They also help reduce inflammation to reduce any preexisting irritations, soothing your skin.

11. Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Along with being unscented and containing no alcohol, the Dove deodorant utilizesDove’s unique moisturizers to soothe your sensitive skin. It goes on clear so that you don’t have to worry about any residue, streaks, or marks.

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As an important side note, while this deodorant is unscented, it does have a baby powder fresh scent as a result of its ingredients. Unscented means no fragrance additives were included in the formula.

You have several purchasing options, including a pack of six for if you fall in love and want to stock up. After all, deodorant is a product you don’t want to be without.

A big problem with sensitive underarms is that sitting all day with sweat can lead to irritation. This deodorant is designed to offer wet protection and help fight sweat-induced inflammation.

12. Biossance Squalane + Bamboo Deodorant

Biossance Squalane + Bamboo Deodorant

The Biossance clean and vegan (but baking soda free!) deodorant neutralize odor with grapefruit, geranium, and clary sage. In order to help absorb excess moisture by clogging your pores like aluminum, it uses bamboo powder.

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Now, you may be interested in learning a bit more about that mystery ingredient, squalane. Made from 100% plant-derived, renewable sugarcane, squalane weightlessly hydrates and locks in moisture for a soft, smooth, and healthy-looking glow.

Sweating is a natural biological process that your body relies on. It helps detox your body and regulate your core temperature.

Because of this, instead of working to fight against your body’s natural sweating mechanism, this deodorant works with you. Its purpose is to help reduce irritation, inflammation, and excess moisture while also helping neutralize odor.

13. Schmidt’s Aluminum-Free Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Schmidt’s Aluminum-Free Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Schmidt’s Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin baking soda-free formula helps neutralize odor and keep you fresh enriched with magnesium. It has a natural scent made with essential oils that are floral and rosy but won’t cause any irritation.

It’s made with plant-based ingredients and none of the harmful ingredients such as aluminum or baking soda. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy all-day confidence without any of the cons of rashes or irritations.

Expert Advice: 1-2 swipes are all you need for all-day protection. For smoother application, hold the product to your skin to soften the oils on contact with body heat.

14. Ralph Lauren Romance Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Ralph Lauren Romance Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

This antiperspirant deodorant comes in the form of a stick for easy application. It features some of Ralph Lauren’s signature scents so you get the benefits of no body odor without the powdery deodorant smell.

Note that this product uses aluminum as its antiperspirant agent, however.

15. Farmacy All-Natural Deodorant Stick

Farmacy All-Natural Deodorant Stick

When it comes to beneficial natural ingredients, three is better than one! The Farmacy deodorant stick utilizes three natural ingredients to detoxify and neutralize sweat related odors so that you can feel your best each and every day.

First, kaolin clay helps draw out impurities. Moringa purifies and deep cleans your skin, and, finally, tea tree oil neutralizes odors.

The result is an all-natural deodorant that works for men and women with sensitive underarms.

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