Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Brown Eyes

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It doesn’t get much better than a well-executed nude eye. It can be jazzed up or subtle, work-friendly or a star on the dance floor, easy for beginners, or a work of art. Browns, peaches, pinks, oranges, and beiges look great on everyone, but especially on those with brown eyes. So today, we’ll be giving you ten contenders for the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes, with an emphasis on nude shades.

With the make-up world increasingly showcasing more and more nude looks, you’ll want to keep up and have your own at the ready! And no matter what eye color you have, these ten outstanding palettes will steer you right.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a minimalist, or a show-off, there will be something in our hand-picked list for you. So let’s go!

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Brown Eyes:

1. LORAC PRO Palette 3 Eyeshadow Kit

LORAC PRO Palette 3 Eyeshadow Kit

Like most professional-grade palettes, this is a fully-realized kit with a generous set of options. But what makes it stand out is the colors themselves.

Indeed, this is maybe the best eye palette for brown eyes if you want an excellent color story that will do the thinking for you when it comes to selecting shades to put together.

This nicely packaged set (which includes a mirror) offers bright highlights, deep darks, and highly pigmented mid-tones. Moreover, you’ve got a combination of shimmery and matte here, so there really is something for every occasion.

Sensitive skin? You shouldn’t need to worry when it comes to the formula, which contains cucumber fruit extract. This ingredient not only helps soften the skin but acts as an antioxidant and has a cooling, soothing effect.

Importantly, all of the shades here can be used wet or dry, as eyeliner or eyeshadow. So you know that these formulas have been put together with the experimental customer in mind.

And where’s the fun without a little experimentation?

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Feel adventurous? This warm-toned, pigmented, and the feminine 14-pan palette is a dream come true. ABH’s nudes and golds – which will look gorgeous on brown or grey eyes – are paired with some luscious true pinks that any pink-lover will swoon over.

A little goes a long way with these bright formulas. The creamy texture will glide onto the skin and all of these colors complement each other beautifully. If you’re a fan of using four or five shades at once to create a look, the possibilities are endless.

And what about the packaging? The case is made with mirrored suede for that luxury feel, and inside you’ll find not only a mirror but a full-sized double-ended brush!

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Overall, the Modern Renaissance palette will look beautiful on your counter but also deliver on color choice and quality. Especially when your look needs warmth in the winter, this is a great complete kit to have on hand.

3. theBalm NUDE ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette

theBalm NUDE 'tude Eyeshadow Palette

With a color-range to please both the confident and the inexperienced, this straightforward yet sexy nude palette has proven to be a real crowd-pleaser.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the eyeshadow pans themselves are a bit small in comparison to the box. However, that’s just part of theBalm’s approach to packaging as part of the overall experience. The packaging is over the top and fun and will make you smile when you see it.

Now onto the all-important formula. Apart from being cruelty-free and well-formulated, these shades have great staying power. With the right primer, these will stay put all day and won’t stain your lids.

Another thing we love about this palette is its versatility. With light brights and sultry darks, you’ll have a wide range of tonally. This means there’ll be something for everyone and almost any occasion.

4. Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

A nice option if you’re a fan of cruelty-free beauty products, this palette is easy on the eyes and even easier on the purse.

Straight away, you can see the shade range really lives up to its “soft & sultry” name. All the shades are clearly skin-inspired and great for creating subtle looks.

Rather than bright highlights, the lightest shades here are soft peaches and beiges, and there are a good few shades that will work on dark skin tones too. All these colors should be easy to pair and blend together, even if you’re inexperienced!

Sitting at 12 shades in total, this palette gives you enough to choose from without being overwhelming. This also means that it’s much more portable than many of its competitors, being compact enough to slot in your bag. And the mirror’s big enough to use on the fly too!

All in all, if you want to help your brown eyes pop but don’t need or want to juggle a million shades at once, check out this palette.

5. Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re a fan of rose gold and classy yet eye-catching packaging (as we certainly are!), this could be the palette of your dreams.

Sitting at the upper end of drugstore prices, this tin case has a high-end feel to it right down to the velvety texture and long-lasting shimmer of the formulas inside. And these formulas are wonderful. If you need your eyeshadow to stay put all day, or all night, Urban Decay’s got you covered.

Even if you’re a diehard fan of the brand, you won’t need to worry about doubling up, as all 12 shades are new to the range! And did we mention it comes with a double-ended brush? Urban Decay is really spoiling us here.

Many eyeshadow kits for brown eyes have no pinks (boo!) or frankly too many. This one strikes a really nice balance between rosy, glowy pinks and smooth, deep browns. There’s no hot pink here or shades which will be hard to pair.

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Even the subtler shades have a lovely shine to them, but can be used to create an understated look for work or home. Overall, if you’re a fan of nude eye-looks and want your money to be well spent on an excellent formula, you’ll be very pleased with the results from this palette.

6. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette (Warm Neutrals)

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette (Warm Neutrals)

Another great cruelty-free option, this palette from NYX is perfect for creating a soft-glam cut crease. And when has soft-glam ever been out of fashion? That’s right: never.

As you might expect from such an affordable drugstore price point, the packaging is quite basic. No free brush, mirror, or detailing in sight. However, as you can tell from the big window in the front of the box, this range is all about the colors.

And the colors themselves here are wonderfully co-ordinated to help you experiment to your heart’s content. In general, this is a very light to mid-tone palette but what makes it stand out are its four highlights. These shades will add depth to any look without having to use anything too dark. Not to mention, the shimmers are so pretty!

If you’re a fan of this, definitely check out the other palettes in the ‘Ultimate’ range. We particularly love ‘Phoenix’, which is bursting with red, pink, and orange lusciousness! But the Warm Neutrals set is perhaps the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes from NYX.

7. Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (Must Have Metallics)

Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (Must Have Metallics)

Steering even more into affordability for a moment, this is a real portable gem from Milani. It’s purse-sized, compact, and all about the colors, which are basic enough to not intimidate a newbie without being boring.

New to using more than one or two colors at once? This is the perfect palette for you. Six shades are more than enough to get you started if you’re new to building looks.

All the shades here have a nice shimmer to them, but importantly Milani has included a matte black for dimension and depth. We especially love the burgundy and orange, which will make your cut crease pop and stand out in the crowd.

The best eye palette for brown eyes ever? Maybe not. But accessibility-wise, it’s definitely up there when it comes to portability, price, and usability. If you’re looking for a starter palette while finding your feet with make-up – or even a back-up palette for your handbag – check this one out.

8. Too Faced Sweethearts Peach Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced Sweethearts Peach Eyeshadow Palette

This fun yet slick palette from Too Faced is one of the cutest and nicely packaged out there. But what makes it stand out is the variety of colors it offers. Living up to its name, it contains an array of peach shades, yes, but also purples, and even green!

All the usual suspects are here too of course (including a black and a cute pale peach). But by including colors not usually seen in nude palettes, Too Faced has created something special.

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So if you like an understated look, but want to jazz things up now and again, this palette is perfect. And if you’re a fan of nice-smelling products, you won’t be disappointed. The formulas are infused with a peach scent which really completes the experience!

The fragrance isn’t everyone’s thing, and that’s understandable. But if you don’t have sensitive skin, don’t let it put you off. Who doesn’t want to smell like summer fruit?

Moreover, the color-payoff from these shades is wonderful. Your look will pop with just a few brushstrokes and these soft formulas should last all day.

9. Colourpop Give It To Me Straight

Colourpop Give It To Me Straight

The name says it all: this palette is simple, to the point, and will get the job done. If it’s a peachy nude palette in the lower mid-range market you’re looking for, this one is a great all-rounder.

The colors here, from matte nudes to gorgeous shimmery mauves, are very pigmented and easy to blend. Ranging from the understated to the glam, this palette has the power to create looks for every occasion.

Boasting ‘a unique combination of softer powders’, these shades are formulated to create ‘a soft-focus effect’. So if it’s a delicate, sultry look you’re after this very well may be the palette for you.

Is the packaging mind-blowing? Nope. Is she shade-range massive? Nope. And there’s no mirror or brush in sight. However, don’t underestimate the power of 12 shades to bust out a huge variety of looks. Not to mention, it’s cruelty-free!

The only downside to this product is slightly flimsy packaging. However, the money here is in the formulas, which should be the focus of any good palette anyway.

10. Covergirl TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette (Roses)

Covergirl TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette (Roses)

As compact, shimmery nude palettes go, this is one of the prettiest. The color story here is really well put together, almost looking like a high-end product despite the price.

Every one of these 8 colors complements each other, blending seamlessly without clashing. So even if you’re new to make-up or color-matching, you can’t go wrong.

This is maybe the most neutral set of colors we’ve listed today, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it means this palette will suit almost anyone! And it’s a great excuse to incorporate some purple hues into your look without getting too eccentric.

From a portability standpoint, it’s on the money. This packaging fits in your palm and won’t get crushed in your suitcase while traveling. Many palettes at this price point are packaged in the card, so it’s nice to see some plastic casing that’ll last.

You might experience some fallout with this formula, so don’t use it if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. But for experimenting at home with colors and application, this is a great product. Maybe the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes new to the game.

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