Best Lip Primers

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The power of a good lip primer should never be underestimated. Especially when lipstick is almost always the first part of our makeup to start coming off on its own!

Naughty lipstick. But when your lips are well primed, they’ve got a much better chance of looking luscious throughout the day.

So to save you the bother of scrolling through a million lip primer reviews – yawn – we’ve put together our final verdict on the best lip primer options out there! Ready?

The 14 Our Top Rated Lip Primers:

1. Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip Fix Cream

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip Fix Cream

This product has been beloved for years (and for good reason). Not only is it excellent at keeping your lipstick in place, but it’s easy on the skin too.

One tiny tab of this creamy formula goes a long way. And on top of that, it’s formulated with glycerin and dimethicone to soothe, hydrate and protect.

Glancing at the ingredient list, you might feel hesitant at seeing ‘alcohol’, but it’s actually a fatty alcohol so it’s non-drying. Science aside, this means it’ll moisturize your delicate lip skin and give it some TLC.

Some may not like the tube casing this product comes in as it’s not as easy and convenient as a doe-foot or lipstick applicator. However, if you ask us,the quality of the formula itself more than makes up for that.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer

If you’re a fan of larger applicators and longer wear, you’ll love this twist-tube primer. It’s lightweight, colorless, and lives up to the quality we’ve come to expect from ABH.

This primer’s strength is that it’s simple and to the point, with a short ingredient list and sturdy packaging. So it’s perfect if you’re wanting the basics of a great primer that applies just like your lipstick.

This doesn’t mean it won’t be beneficial for your lips though. According to the product description on the ABH website, you can use this primer on its own as a ‘hydrating lip conditioner’. This is probably because its formula has some emollient properties and moisture-sealing fatty acids.

Moreover, like all Anastasia Beverly Hills products, it’s vegan and cruelty free! All in all, what’s not to love?

3. MAC Prep + Prime Lip

MAC Prep + Prime Lip

This sleek little number from MAC is a straightforward but very effective product. The lipstick style case makes for easy application and it’ll lightly moisturize your lips while preventing cracks or “feathering” in your makeup.

You’ll find the ingredient list is very simple. (Which is a good thing, as it means every ingredient is there for a reason!) It’s oil-free, fragrance-free, color-free and contains some emollient wax to moisturize and protect.

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The only “unnecessary” ingredient is vanillin for a little flavor and natural scent. But the scent is so faint, it won’t smell overpowering or cheap.

Overall, you can expect a smooth, non-irritating and user-friendly experience with this primer. It might not do a million things, but for what it does, it’s just the ticket. And as it’s cheaper than most of its competitors, it won’t break the bank.

4. Sara Happ Plump & Prime

Sara Happ Plump & Prime

Looking for a primer with benefits? This one will rock your world. With glycerides to condition the skin as well as some collagen boosting ingredients, this formula will leave your lips plumped and renewed.

This one is especially great if you have dry, cracked lips as the formula contains sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid, which can actually hold up to 100x its weight in H2O!) Now that’s what we call quenching.

We also love that it contains peptides. Not often found in makeup, these are great ingredients that help build collagen. These will support your skin barrier, preventing water loss and creating healthier lips in the long run!

So if it’s perfectly painted and youthful lips you’re looking for, go on and treat yourself to this gem of a product.

5. GrandeLIPS Plumping Lip Primer

GrandeLIPS Plumping Lip Primer

Like Plump & Prime, this primer is infused with hyaluronic acid to bring some all-important natural plumpness. Often used as an anti-aging ingredient, it’s great to see this acid rising in popularity.

What makes this formula really stand out though is Volulip™. Made partly from peptides and plant extracts, this substance combats sagging, aging and the effects of wear and tear. Impressive!

You don’t see many lip primer reviews talking about active ingredients. But a product is only as good as its ingredient list! And this one has a lot going for it.

Casing-wise, the applicator is filled by clicking a little button at the bottom. This makes it easy to use the right amount of product every time. And once it’s on, it’s on, giving you ‘up to 4 hours extended lip colour wear’.

6. Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer

Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer

This is perhaps the best lip primer if you’re into natural ingredients and vegan cosmetics. And performance-wise, it won’t let you down.

As the name suggests, this works not only as a primer but as a lip-liner. When used as a liner, it’ll stop your lipstick bleeding out, and as a primer, well, it locks it right in!

This multifunctionality is the reason why the twist-up head is pointed at the end. The shape helps you create a controlled line around your lipstick. Oh, and for re-sharpening that tip, there’s a mini sharpener hidden in the base of the case itself. Neat, huh?

Last but not least, the ingredients here are pretty cool. Most impressively, they’ve included kiwi seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and E as well as nourishing omega-3. And it’s scented with natural peppermint.

7. Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Insurance

Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Insurance

Wanting to cut down the time it takes you to get fabulous in the morning? This quick-drying primer is for you. It also has a slightly shiny finish, making it great for under liquid lipstick.

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While this formula isn’t super moisturizing, it does contain jojoba esters. These natural moisturizers mimic the sebum naturally present in your skin and nourish deeply. And, like all Too Faced products, it’s completely animal-testing free.

This primer will really make your lip-color pop. You won’t have to worry about it fading as the day goes on, but if disaster strikes, the sponge applicator makes on-the-go application super simple and quick.

If you suffer from dry lips, you might want to go for something a little more hydrating than this. However, apart from that we really can’t fault this product.

8. Mary Kay TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer

Mary Kay TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer

There aren’t many lip primers formulated specifically to be anti-aging, so this “Age-Fighting” stick is quite a find.

Offering some great skin benefits, this elegantly packaged primer has antioxidant powers and a good emollient (sunflower seed oil). This oil is fantastic not only for the lips but for the face in general and is acne-prone skin friendly.

Don’t go slathering this primer all over though… You’ll want to save it for your lips as it really does do a great job at keeping lipstick in place and eliminating cracks. A true winner on both fronts.

And if you don’t believe us, Mary Kay has proof! According to a study mentioned on the Mary Kay website, 100% of women who tried the product saw an improvement in the signs of aging on their lips!

9. UD Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil

UD Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil

A primer in the form of a pencil? What wizardry is this? But obviously, this is Urban Decay, and they can always be trusted to come through with a great product.

A primer pencil might seem new and intimidating at first. But it can actually give you way more control! And the pencil itself which houses the clear-finish formula is chunky and bright, making it easy to spot in your makeup drawer.

Formula-wise, this primer is easy on the skin and won’t leave your lips feeling dry. Some of the great ingredients here include castor oil, aloe and safflower seed oil. Together, these will hydrate your lips without that greasy feel.

10. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer

There’s something very luxurious about this pigmented primer from Guerlian, which is packaged like a high-end lipstick.

The formula won’t feel thick or greasy once applied, and it’ll last you well into the day. But apart from that what makes it so special?

Well, this is one of the few formulas that actually delivers on making your lips soft and plump. This is partly thanks to its atelocollagen, which speeds up your skin’s collagen production while helping hydration.

Along with this, we have some sodium hyaluronate to further lock in moisture and reduce fine lines. Look out for this ingredient if plumpness and long-lasting hydration are what you’re after.

This product is fragranced, but the aroma is really lovely. The combo of berries and vanilla will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of a spa.

11. M3 Naturals Collagen Lip Plumper

M3 Naturals Collagen Lip Plumper

Many people are now looking for less invasive alternatives to collagen injections and plastic surgery. Bigger lips are the dream, but all that money, healing time and risks are just a bit… ugh. Sound familiar? This might just be the best lip primer for you.

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It won’t take long for you to see results from this plumper, which can be used on its own or as a non-sticky primer. To know why, we have to look at the ingredient list.

Peptides are super effective little workers that keep your skin strong, bouncy and resilient. And in this product, you’ll find an innovative ingredient called SYN®-COLL, a tripeptide complex with wrinkle-fighting powers.

And like the GrandeLIPS primer, it also contains Volulip™, a great ingredient for fighting the signs of aging.

Application-wise, this will soak into your lips quickly and has a slight peppermint taste from the natural peppermint oil.

12. PONY EFFECT Matte Lip Boosting Primer

PONY EFFECT Matte Lip Boosting Primer

If you’re not yet a fan of K-Beauty (beauty and skincare products produced in South Korea), catch up! Korean brands always seem to be ahead of the game, and this grease-fighting primer is testament to that.

Specially made to compliment matte lipsticks, this nicely packaged primer hides a powerhouse formula you can rely on. It does a great job at oil-control, but at the same time it’s moisturizing enough to use on its own as a lip balm.

This primer leaves your lips kissably soft. But more importantly, they’ll stay soft thanks to the special ingredient AQUAXYL™, which strengthens your lips’ moisture barrier. Not to mention beetroot extract which is a source of the strong antioxidant Vitamin C.

Definitely try this out if you want to experience the innovation of Korean beauty without breaking the bank!

13. Clinique Lacquer Lip Color Plus Primer

Clinique Lacquer Lip Color Plus Primer

Back to the world of doe-foot applicators, this product promises color and priming power in one. You’ve got to admire the ambition here! (And the cute packaging, of course.)

This approach ultimately means the formula sacrifices some priming power to make way for pigment. However, a primer and lipstick in one is unquestionably cool, and fantastic if you’re traveling or in a rush.

Additionally, this works as a super shiny gloss. And glosses are notorious for not lasting long enough! So look at this as a long-wear lip gloss and you won’t be disappointed.

The texture of the formula itself is very soft. For how mirrored the finish is, it’s also not too sticky. Combine that with the softness of the applicator, and you have a lovely comfy user experience you’ll enjoy every time.

14. e.l.f. Lock On Lip Primer

e.l.f. Lock On Lip Primer

Finally, it’d be a shame not to include this incredibly affordable vegan and cruelty free primer from e.l.f.

From the simple packaging and price point, it’s clear that this is a no-nonsense product. The container is opaque and contains a doe-foot wand for easy application. As expected, the ingredient list is simple, but it is enriched with Vitamin E, a nourishing antioxidant.

All things considered, this is maybe the best lip primer if you’re just getting into makeup. Or even if you’re a makeup guru, it makes a great backup in your purse!

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