Top-Rated Setting Sprays That Moisturize and Keep Your Makeup in Place All Day

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Like all things in life, the best cure for makeup mishaps in prevention. And when it comes to keeping your makeup looking flawless all day, you’ll want to rely less on retouching and more on setting spray.

A quick mist of a setting spray at the end of your makeup routine can make or break your makeup’s longevity. It helps seal and lock in your makeup for an all-day stay that lasts during even those seemingly neverending events.

However, not all setting sprays are created equal. Some will work better than others, either in general or for your skin type, so it’s important to do your research.

But don’t worry – we’ve taken the work out research and created a go-to guide for you. Not only have we answered some of your most asked questions, but we’ve also recommended our top 10 favorite best setting sprays.

The 10 Best Setting Sprays:

1. Evian Facial Spray

Evian Facial Spray

If your favorite water bottle brand is Evian, you’ll be glad to learn that they have a makeup spray too.

Now, one thing to note is this isn’t as much of a setting sprayer as it is a refresher and reviver spray. It uses pure water from the French Alps to help rejuvenate, hydrate, and refresh your skin.

The ultra-fine mist of chemical-free waters acts as a toner for your skin. It will help blend your makeup in the morning and can refresh the colors throughout the day.

One interesting way to try using this spray is with your makeup sponge or blender. Instead of dampening the tool is regular water, give it a quick mist with the Evian facial spray.

2. Kate Somerville UmcompliKated Makeup Setting Spray

Kate Somerville UmcompliKated Makeup Setting Spray

One of the best parts of this setting spray is that it includes sun protection. As a result, while you’re wearing this setting spray and keeping your makeup looking fresh, you’ll be protected by 50 SPF.

It’s designed to set your makeup, protect your skin, as well as control shine, and have a matte finish.

To apply this spray, shake the can well 15 minutes before you leave the house. Spray in a circular motion and allow it to dry before leaving or adding another coat.

In order to get the most out of the sun protection included in this setting spray, you’ll want to reapply it at least every two hours.

3. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Spray

Urban Decay’s All Nighter makeup spray is one of the most popular setting sprays on the market. It’s oil and paraben free for an all-day hold on your makeup that won’t leave your skin irritated or shiny.

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Temperature control technology helps keep your makeup stay no matter the weather. Sweat, heat, humidity – many reviewers have praised this makeup finishing spray in a variety of climates.

This is one setting spray that you may not want to experiment with, however. If you’re looking for a strong hold, make sure to follow the direction printed on the container.

If you intended to spray more than once, make sure to allow each layer to dry before reapplying.

The All Nighter spray won’t give you a matte or shiny finish. This means that the makeup you applied is the makeup that you’ll see.

4. Too Face Hangover Replenishing Makeup Setting Spray

Too Face Hangover Replenishing Makeup Setting Spray

Just because setting sprays are good for your makeup doesn’t mean that they’re good for your skin. However, you won’t have to worry about that with the Too Face Replenishing setting spray.

This is a weightless 3-in-1 coconut water-infused mist that primes, sets, and refreshes makeup while keeping skin hydrated. It’s also free of ingredients such as silicone and alcohol which dry your skin and clog your pores.

If you’re worried about any greasiness or shininess, it’s also oil-free. It acts as a primer, a setting spray, and even a refreshing to keep your skin happy and bright all day.

5. GlamGlow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray

GlamGlow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray

With a brand known for their face masks, it’s no surprise that the GlamGlow Glowsetter setting is skin-friendly. It delivers high amounts of hydration for dewy, glowing skin, and it even includes caffeine.

The mist is very fine and won’t leave your face feeling soaked. It also has a nice smell.

It absorbs deep into your skin, hydrating while holding your makeup. Since the mist is so fine, it won’t cause your makeup to bleed or run while drying.

This is also a good choice if you tend to mix liquid products with powdered products. This setting spray helps blend them for seamless, flawless makeup that lasts.

6. Urban Decay All Night, All Day Setting Spray Duo Kit

Urban Decay All Night, All Day Setting Spray Duo Kit

If you’re looking to experiment with a new setting spray, or are looking for a pocket-size version, this may be the right choice for you. It includes a travel size version of both Urban’s Decay All Night spray and their All Day spray.

One of the most important suggestions with this product is to you it with matte products. You should avoid spraying it over oil-based products.

Urban Decay’s All Night spray is oil and paraben-free, and it’s designed for a stronghold. It also utilizes temperature control technology so that you don’t have to worry about humidity or heat harming your makeup.

7. Cinema Secrets Super Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray

Cinema Secrets Super Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray

This lightweight anti-shine formula can be used under and over makeup to lock powders, liquids, and place. If you’re looking to minimize your makeup arsenal, this acts as a two in one producing priming your skin and setting your makeup.

In order to use this product, hold it a few inches from your face (10 to 12 inches are recommended) and spray in a light, circular motion. Ally for it to dry before applying makeup or leaving.

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Cinema Secrets was designed for professional makeup artists, meaning it works harder so you don’t have to. It’s gluten-free and designed to be lightweight and breathable.

8. Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Spray

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Spray

This is another setting spray that sets your makeup while acting as a sunscreen. It provides 50 SPF protection from UV rays, keeping your skin healthy and safe.

It’s made with natural botanicals such as rosemary and mint, and it’s designed for sensitive skin. These ingredients smell good and feel fresh, all without causing any irritation or redness.

To apply, shake well, then pull hair back, close eyes, tuck in lips, & spray generously & evenly in a circle from 8-10″ away. Remember to refresh & reapply frequently throughout the day, at least every 2 hours.

9. Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Setting Spray

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Setting Spray

The Make Up For Ever mist is a universal setting spray that locks in makeup and keeps color fresh. Mist & Fix creates a sweat-proof, rub-resistant barrier for fresh-looking makeup that lasts up to 12 hours.

Since this is a travel-sized version, you can experiment with it without the commitment.

It increases hydration for a silky, smooth appearance and won’t dry skin out. The Make Up For Ever mist is also formulated with a complex to boost oxygenation and deliver a healthy-looking, radiant glow.

Best of all, though, this setting spray is designed for all skin complexions.

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10. NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

This XL bottle of finishing spray is perfect for makeup lovers and makeup artists who use matte setting sprays often. It’s also cruelty-free as none of NYX’s products are tested on animals.

Its lightweight formula is breathable, long-lasting, and intensifies pigments for gorgeous makeup that stays put. This Maxi size is exclusive to Amazon, and it acts as an XL version of popular setting spray.

To apply, shake the bottle and spray onto your face from a 6-inch distance. The spray will then set your makeup resisting unwanted color fade.

You can either buy it with an option for a dewy, glowing finish, or a matte finish.

What does a makeup setting spray do?

Setting spray, also known as finishing spray, is used as the last step in your makeup routine, and it helps keep your makeup in place. As a result, it acts as a type of sealant.

For the most part, setting sprays use two main types of ingredients:

Hydrating ingredients, such as natural botanicals, help moisturize your skin. This helps it cling to your makeup while preventing any dryness or flakiness.

Polymers are what help set your makeup to keep it from rubbing off or fading during the day.

You can think of it as a less harmful version of hairspray for your skin.

Some offer other benefits as well. You may find some setting sprays include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which works to moisturize and improve your skin.

Are setting sprays bad for your skin?

Like with all makeup products, whether or not a setting spray is bad for your skin depends on two factors. First, the ingredients used, and second, how you treat your skin in the evenings (or whenever you do take your makeup off).

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When you purchase cheaper setting sprays, you may find that a leading ingredient is an alcohol. This will dry out your skin, harming it over time.

As a result, setting spray is something you’ll want to invest in, especially if you have sensitive skin. Try to look for one that uses all-natural ingredients or is water-based.

You should also work to avoid makeup setting sprays with comedogenic ingredients. Since these layers over your skin all day, they can increase the likelihood of a breakout if you’re not careful.

Next, you’ll need to make sure that you wash your face well every night. Sleeping in your makeup is a harmful habit that can damage your skin and lead to breakouts and infections.

Do you put makeup setting spray on before or after?

Actually, you can do both!

Now, technically speaking, setting spray goes on after your makeup. After all, it acts as a seal, so it needs to be on top of your makeup.

However, like with most makeup, you can experiment with it to fit your needs.

One helpful hack is to put your makeup setting spray on before and after. While this may seem strange, putting it on before can actually help it act as a primer.

This is extremely helpful if your skin tends to skew towards the oiler side.

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You can also spray it onto your makeup brushes before applying your eyeshadow for a more vibrant appearance. You can even try applying it to your makeup sponges!

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The best thing you can do is play around and figures out what works best for you.

What is the best setting spray for mature skin?

Not everyone has perfect, airbrushed skin. In fact, almost nobody does.

That’s why sometimes you may need something different to fit your needs. When you have more mature skin, you may notice different skin textures and fine lines and wrinkles.

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In this case, the last thing you’ll want is any caking or creasing that will draw attention to these areas. This means that you’ll want to avoid an alcohol-based setting spray.

Setting sprays that use alcohol have a tendency to dry out your skin which will worsen preexisting conditions. It can also leave your face tacky and lead to creasing.


Life doesn’t slow down for anyone. Major events, humid days, long work hours – all of these things and more can put wear on your daily makeup.

While you can spend your breaks darting to the bathroom to retouch your makeup, it’s better to prevent problems. Using a makeup setting spray can be one of the best ways to do that.

Setting spray will seal in your makeup, helping it last longer throughout the day without becoming patchy or wearing off. The best setting spray is one that will keep your makeup in place without drying out your skin using harmful ingredients.

And, once you pick the right one for you, don’t stop at just applying it over your makeup. Unleash your inner makeup artist and experiment with spraying before your makeup and spraying your brushes and sponges.

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