Trendy Virgin Killer Sweaters for a Cute Winter Look

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If you want to wear something eye-catching, there are plenty of options out there. One trend with growing popularity is finding the best virgin killer sweaters.

These sweaters are designed to have a revealing nature and come in a variety of styles. You can purchase them in different colors and cuts to find what works for you.

When you’re looking for the best version of this sweater for your style, though, you might get overwhelmed. There are plenty of options out there to sort through, after all!

That’s why we’ve compiled this buying guide to help you find the best virgin killer sweater for you.

8 Best Virgin Killer Sweaters

1. Lucky2Buy Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

Lucky2Buy Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

The Lucky2Buy Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater is available in multiple colors. You can order it in gray, black, blue, and pink.

This one-piece sweater features a bust cut out in a diamond shape. The back also features a cut out in an ovular shape.

As for the neckline, the sweater has a turtleneck neckline, creating a dynamic contrast to the cutouts. In addition, there is a tie that’s long enough to create an additional ribbon down your back.

This virgin killer sweater is only available in one size. You’ll want to make sure you’re in the size range but it’s meant to work as a one-size-fits-all option.

The bust of the sweater is listed as 90 to 92 centimeters or about 30 to 36.2 inches. As for the length, you can depend on 64 centimeters or 25 inches long.

The manufacturer does note that the sizes are measured while the garment is laid flat. So, there’ll be up to a 2 to 4-centimeters or a 0.7 to a 1.6-inch difference in actual sizing.

As a more general measurement, Lucky2Buy suggests this will fit anyone 137 lbs. or less. However, this can vary depending on body type.

2. Olens Turtleneck Virgin Killer Sweater

Olens Turtleneck Virgin Killer Sweater

The Olens Turtleneck Virgin Killer Sweater is another option with a turtleneck neckline. While it doesn’t feature a bust cutout, this virgin killer sweater does have a back cutout.

In addition to the back cutout, you can show off your arms thanks to the sleeveless design. It also features a tie on the back to offer slight adjustability and a ribbon to help accessorize the sweater.

The sweater is made out of a fabric blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. This makes it soft and stretchable, aiding in the one-size-fits-all promise.

More specifically, though, Olens does offer specific measurements. They measure this sweater at 90 to 92 centimeters or 30 to 36.2 inches in the bust.

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The length of the sweater measures in at 64 centimeters or around 25.2 inches. You can wear it as a shirt or even as a mini dress.

Customers were happy to see the shirt fit well too. It is generally rated true-to-size, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises when it arrives!

You can try this top out in a variety of colors as well. This style is available in army green, gray, blue, white, pink, red, and black.

3. TOMORI Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

TOMORI Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

The TOMORI Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater is slightly different from the standard design for the style. Instead of a long fit, this sweater opted for a crop top-style design that leaves the midriff showing.

You can choose between two basic colors when you buy this TOMORI sweater. It’s available in both black and white.

The design also features a wide shoulder. This way, the virgin killer sweater falls off your shoulder for a loose, rather than tightly fitted, style.

The TOMORI Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater is available in one size. As such, you’ll want to make sure that the range of measurements fits your body type.

The sweater has a shoulder measurement of 30 to 78 centimeters or about 11.8 to 30.7 inches. The sleeves are 61 centimeters long or about 24 inches.

As for how long it is, the sweater measures in at 31 centimeters or about 12.2 inches in length.

The sweater also comes with a thong that measures 58 to 92 centimeters or 22.8 to 36.2 inches. However, customers did say that while the sweater fits perfectly, the underwear was slightly small.

4. Paloli Women’s Knit Virgin Killer Sweater

Paloli Women’s Knit Virgin Killer Sweater

If you want a beautiful and flattering sweater, you’ll want to check out the Paloli Women’s Knit Virgin Killer Sweater. This virgin killer sweater is designed to look simple and showcase you instead of the garment itself.

The virgin killer sweater opts for a straightforward design with a turtleneck neckline and no sleeves. It also features a bust cutout and an open back.

You can even try this sweater out in different colors. It’s available in gray, blue, pink, and white.

This sweater is made to work for sizes small through large. It features an 87.63 to 91.4-centimeters to 34.5 to 36-inch bust.

You can wear this sweater as a top or a dress as well. It has a length of 65.8 centimeters or 25.9 inches.

That being said, Paloli does add a disclaimer that sizes can differ in a range of 1 to 3 centimeters. This measures up to about .4 to 7.62 inches.

The sweater is made of 90% wool which makes it both stretchable and soft. To make sure it lasts, all you have to do is hand wash it with a gentle detergent.

5. H&L Virgin Killer Sweater

H&L Virgin Killer Sweater

The H&L Virgin Killer Sweater has a unique design that will make you stand out in a crowd. Rather than opting for a sweater-inspired design, this top takes more inspiration from summer garments.

With a short length, camisole neckline, and spaghetti straps, this virgin killer sweater leans towards a less-is-more philosophy. It covers your bust while leaving your shoulders and midsection out.

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It also features a small bust cut out in the center of the shirt. This cutout is particularly cute since it’s shaped like a cat and even has a white outline and embroidered whiskers.

Another appealing detail of this virgin killer sweater is in the cut of the fabric as well. The top and bottom of the sweater have ruffles as well as ties for bows on the shoulders and underwear.

To help you accessorize, this top even comes with a few matching extras. This includes a set of matching underwear and a choker as well.

This virgin killer sweater is another option you can order in multiple colors too. It’s sold in both black and white with pink embroidery for the cat online on the white version.

6. Sorrica Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

Sorrica Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

The Sorrica Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater is a turtleneck-cut option. While it doesn’t have a bust cutout, the sweater is sleeveless and does feature a long back cutout.

On top of a gorgeous cut, this sweater also has an attractive knit pattern on the front. This complements the cut well and makes for a wonderfully modern design.

Sorrica shares their goal that this virgin killer sweater serves as a statement piece in your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for casual wear or an outfit for a more intimate setting, this sweater offers a lot!

If you want this in a different color, don’t worry! It’s available in four colors including gray, black, white, and green.

This virgin killer sweater is a great choice because it offers different sizes too! You can order anything you need from a small to an extra-large.

At it’s smallest size, this sweater has a bust measurement of 85.8 centimeters or 33.79 inches. For the large size, the bust measurement is 101.8 centimeters or 40 inches.

The shortest and largest lengths range from 60.88 to 63.56 centimeters or 23.97 to 25.14 inches.

7. Paloli Women’s Knit Backless Virgin Killer Sweater

Paloli Women’s Knit Backless Virgin Killer Sweater

Paloli is back on the list again with another sweater. This time, they’re showcasing their Women’s Knit Backless Virgin Killer Sweater.

This sweater is only available in black. Luckily, this is a flattering and simple design that looks great on anyone.

This virgin killer sweater has both a bust cutout and a back cutout. As for the neckline, it has a high turtleneck that compliments and accentuates your natural curves.

The sweater is one-size-fits-all and is made to accommodate women’s sizes small through large.

The virgin killer sweater has a 90 to 91.44-centimeters or a 35.4 to the 36-inch bust measurement. In addition to this bust measurement, it has a 65.8-centimeter or 25.9-inch length.

As for material, this sweater is made of a blend that’s made up of 90% wool. This makes it soft, stretchable, and generally comfortable to wear.

This also makes the knit virgin killer sweater easy to care for. All you have to do is make sure you use gentle detergent and you’ll have it for a long time.

8. Unibaby Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

Unibaby Sweater

Finally, one of our favorite pieces is the Unibaby Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater. This sweater draws attention to your frame with a beautiful backless design.

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The front of the top doesn’t have a bust cut out but it does offer both a sleeveless and backless design. This helps to draw attention to your natural frame without being overtly revealing.

The front of this virgin killer sweater features a modern and engaging knit pattern to add to its appeal.

You can order this virgin killer sweater in a few different colors as well. It’s available in gray, white, and black.

This is another one-size-fits-all option. It’s made to fit anyone who wears a size extra-small to large.

Generally, Unibaby says that this will fit anyone under 137 pounds. Some differences can arise from different body types but buyers said it generally fit as expected and promised.

More specifically, the measurements include a length of 58 centimeters or 22.8 inches. It has a bust of 90 to 92 centimeters or 35.4 to 36.2 inches.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

What is a Virgin Killer Sweater?

A virgin killer sweater is a piece of clothing that is a mixture of a dress and a sweater. They typically feature cutouts in the back and bust.

A virgin killer sweater dress is designed to be revealing. With these, you can show off a more scandalous side in your everyday wear.

Since these sweaters don’t offer much coverage, they’re also a great choice for summer wear.

In addition, the style is often advertised for cosplay. They can work as a good choice the next time you head out for a cosplay event or costume party.

Virgin killer sweaters are also available in a number of different styles and designs. Even in this list of our favorite eight virgin killer sweaters, there’s a little something for everyone’s style.

Why Is It Called a Virgin Killer Sweater?

This item of clothing is called a virgin killer sweater because it’s supposed to attract the attention of everyone. This means even the shiest who don’t usually – or haven’t – approached someone to flirt.

This is a style that originally comes from Japan. Their design was concocted to try and help wearers attract the attention of even the shiest men in the room.


Now you know everything there is to know about the best virgin killer sweaters on the market. Like many other types of clothes, this fashion isn’t limited to a single style or cut.

This means that there are plenty of different designs to fit different people’s styles. With the information we’ve given you here, you’ll have the chance to choose what you like best.

We’ve even broken down some of our favorite sweaters born out of this style in this list. With these options in mind, you can make a choice that will suit your style.

So, go forth with the buying guide we’ve detailed here and you can choose what you like best!

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